18 Hilarious Photos of Dogs Doing the Strangest Things

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Not so long ago we shared photographic evidence that cats might just the weirdest pets on earth however there's also strong evidence to suggest that they've got fierce competition from their biggest rivals, dogs.

To prove why we've rounded up 18 photos of dogs doing the strangest of things that show even though dogs make for amazing and extremely loyal pets that doesn't mean they can't be complete goofs at the same time.

1. Look back game is strong.

dogs acting weird 15

2. Never missing an opportunity to eat.

3. Pedicure!

4. He likes to stare at people through mirrors.

5. After he's been told off he makes this face.

6. If dogs had Tinder...

7. How the neighbours dog gets attention.

8. The battle for attention is escalating.

9. Cooling off.

10. Just relaxing in front of the TV.

11. This dog knows how to live.

12. Is this dog broken?

13. Nothing to see here...

14. He thinks he needs to wait in line for a treat.

15. Dogception.

16. Spotted in a doggy grooming spa.

17. All hail the king of Coat Hangers.

18. Enjoying a bath when suddenly...