Every Day This Dog Goes Shopping All by Himself to Get Treats

We all know that dogs can be incredibly intelligent animals but just how many are capable of going popping down the road to collect some groceries from the shop? probably not many, however for one doggie named Pituco it’s all in a days work.

Pituco is from Brazil and each day makes his way down to his local shop to collet food all by himself – and there’s us thinking it was cats that are the independent ones!

Apparently everybody local knows Pituco and “His food is on the top shelf, so we have to hand it to him. He barks until we do,” reports The Dodo. The moment he gets his treats he’s off back home however they don’t come free, the Agro Pet store puts everything Pituco takes on a tab and his humans come by later on to pay the bill. In return Pitcuo will also bring back other items that his humans need, whether its birdseed or cat food. You can see more of this independent pooch over on Facebook.

This is Pituco, the adorable doggie from Brazil that loves to go shopping every day

Agro Pet shop puts all of his shopping in his bag, which he then comes and collects

Known by everyone locally his humans come along later to pay the bill

See him in action here:

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