Artist Gives Classic NES Game Screenshots a Modern Makeover and It’s Amazing

Get ready for a trip down memory lane and for the nostalgia to come flooding back after you see the work of New York-based illustrator Andrés Moncayo who recently entered the realm of 8-bit video games with the ambition of bringing them right into the 21st-century, the result of which is pretty damn amazing.

Focusing on some of Nintendo’s most iconic videos games, from Punch-Out to Duck Hunt, Moncayo loads screenshots from the games in Photoshop and then sets about giving them a modern makeover, manipulating the games shadows, highlights as well as softening the games textured and pixelated look through more modernised illustrations in the background and yet that retro vibe remains.

You can see more of Moncayo’s work on his websitesociety6FacebookBehance.

Contra / Punch-Out!! / Duck Hunt

Andrés Moncayo

Double Dragon / Ninja Gaiden

Andrés Moncayo


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