Guy Writes Résumé Using Google Autocomplete and the Result Is Hilarious

Writing out a résumé that’s going to land you your dream job is one of the hardest things you can do. They take a lot of time, they’re often hard to word correctly and you’re left wondering at the end whether it’s really good enough… but all of that can change thanks to Google’s Autocomplete which might not get you that job your after, but it’s bound to get a few laughs.

Looking for an easier option to writing a CV London-based author Aaron Gillies recently used autocomplete and from the first few lines you know it’s going to be good. He lives alone, his phone won’t turn off and he’s trained in gorilla warfare which he can prove mathematically. Sounds like someone you NEED working for you, right?

This guy decided found that writing a CV was pretty difficult, so he decided to get a helping hand from Google autocomplete

And here’s the outcome…

Inspired by his funny Résumé others started having a go at their own with equally hilarious results… 

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