Couple Share Video of Gigantic Spider That Broke Into Their Home

As you’re probably already well aware, Australia is home to some pretty terrifying creatures, but this unexpected visitor really is the icing on the cake. Whilst cooking dinner and relaxing at their home in Queensland resident Lauren Ansell and her boyfriend spotted an uninvited guest – a gigantic plate-sized huntsman spider.

Probably looking to join the couple for dinner the spider had found its way inside of the house and was covering what appear to be the back door. Although they aren’t extremely dangerous to humans huntsman spiders can still bite and this one, appropriately being called ‘Aragog’ after the spider in Harry Potter, didn’t seem to be in a particularly good mood.

Holding the couple hostage in their own home they tried their best to move the spider although he didn’t seem to be having any of it – even the cat was reluctant to help. After Ansell’s partner tried defeat the mighty spider using the glass door however, it quickly retreated.

It’s not quite clear where Aragog is now, but we’re assured he made it away without being harmed. Here’s to hoping he doesn’t show up at anyone else’s doorstep anytime soon!

Whilst at home cooking dinner an Australian couple found an unexpected visitor in their home…

That unexpected visitor was a giant huntsman spider that wasn’t in the mood to mess around

Caught in a stand-off with the spider the couple weren’t sure how to evict their new guest

But whilst they stood around waiting to come up with a plan… they named him Aragog after the spider from Harry Potter

And as you can see, the name clearly fits.

Check out the video they got and try not to squirm!

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