20 Simple Hacks That Will Make You a Better Photographer

Camera gear and equipment can cost thousands making photography a hobby or profession that gets really expensive, really quickly and whilst having an amazing camera can certainly help you take a good photo – taking a great photo just requires a little creativity and a can-do-attitude.

If you do mind getting stuck in and taking a hands on approach you can save yourself a lot of money as well as creating some amazing photos in the process. From using toilet roll holders to create macro lenses to DIY softboxes made from plastic bags or shower curtains, here are 20 simple hacks that will help you take better photos.

1. You can cut various shapes into pieces of cardboard to create interesting shadows.

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2. You can reduce camera shake by filling a bag of lentils and resting your lens on it.


3. Create your own softbox using a bright light, a clothes rail and a shower curtain.


4. A coffee cup holder can double as a lens hood to help get a clearer shot.

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5. How to get a perfect top-down photo for your Instagram feed.


6. On smooth surfaces you can use a towel as a video slider.

Sheldon Evans

7. You can cut out your own bokeh shapes to make for unusual formations.


8. Placing a bag over a lens and then smearing it with vaseline creates a soft-focus lens effect. Just make sure you get it the right way around – bag first!


9. A simple hack to make your own macro lens.


10. Creating a sparkling ring of fire for a unique and interesting portrait photo.


11. Using a sifter and some light can create some really interesting shadows.

12. A CD can be used to add lens flares to your photos.

Sheldon Evans

13. A heart shape cut out of cardboard can creates amazing heart-shaped bokeh.


14. Use a Macbook screen to get some instant bokeh magic.

Sheldon Evans

15. Use force perspective to manipulate props and make them look bigger than they really are.


16. Use tinfoil to create your own wall of Bokeh.


17. Fishtanks can be used to get interesting underwater or partially submerged photographs without risking your camera.


18. A plastic bag put over your cameras flash can create an brilliant softbox effect.

Sheldon Evans

19. piece of cloth and some cardboard can be crafted into an inexpensive seamless background system.

Taylor Mathis

20. Using regular bulbs in portrait photos can create some amazing results.


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