Airline Passenger Captures Incredible Video of Solar Eclipse From 38,000 Feet

On the 21st August millions of people across the United Stated witnessed a solar eclipse that won’t be witnessed again until 2024 and whilst there are plenty of videos and incredible photos floating around the internet right now there are few quite like this video shared by broadcast journalist Jessica Grief showing the solar eclipse from an airplane window.

Grief was one of the lucky few who managed to grab themselves a seat on the Alaska Airlines Flight 9671, described by the company as a “2,000-mile flight to nowhere,” with it’s sole purpose to allow passengers on board an opportunity to get a rare glimpse at the eclipse. Those accompanying Grief included NASA astronauts, astrophotographers, professors and other journalists.

The flight took off in Portland and headed southwest to give those on board the best view of the phenomenon which everyone got to see at around 10 AM as the place was cruising at around 38,000 feet making them some of the first to witness totality. Although we all wish we could have been there, at least Grief managed to capture some amazing footage!

Broadcast journalist Jessica Grief managed to get herself on a plane amongst several others to witness the solar eclipse from above.

The Alaska Airlines Flight 9671’s sole purpose was to allow its passengers the opportunity to view the solar phenomenon from 38,000 feet!

Tanya Harrison
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines

And if the photos and videos are anything to go by it was a clear success!

Alaska Airlines

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