Farmer Spends 7 Years Creating Fairytale-Like Ramp to His Barn

Oddleiv Apneseth

This fairytale-like barn located in Valldal, Norway is not only a beautiful place, it’s also an impressive feat of engineering thanks to one farmer who spent nearly a decade making it the magical place it is today. The barn which was completed in 1885 was published in a book about Norway’s historic barns in 2014 and since then has been shared around the internet thanks to its unique and picturesque appearance.

Lars Petter Olsen Valldal, the farmer and owner of the barn spent several years customising his barn, creating the spiral ramp with rocks from a nearby hill that were transported by hand using cowhide to slide them along whilst larger rocks were moved using a custom made sled.

Valldal even went as far as creating a crane device to lift the heavy pieces into place, stating that he actually enjoyed inventing and improving his inventions more than he did farming which left a lot of the agricultural work to his wife. However Valldal’s inventions have improved productivity on the farm including the ramp which makes storing things a lot easier.


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