22 Times People Procrastinated at Work and Made Something Amazing

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When it comes down to it we all like to think that we're hard working but the truth of the matter is we all have days where we don't quite work as hard as we should. Whether that's because we're having a bad day or because you've been super busy and got everything done is another matter, but when you're at work and it's a bit of slow day what do you do?

Whilst some might put their feet up and relax these people decided to get creative, turning their offices into castles, making artwork in Excel or creating sculptures from office supplies. It seems when you're bored at work there's no end to how creative you can be!

1. Someone was so bored at work they made Mike Tyson in Excel.

2. When a vet gets bored at work.

3. When your coworkers have too much time on their hands.

4. The office was bored. They now have a new complaints handler.

5. "So we made this at work because.. Yabadabadoo!"

6. Being bored at work doesn't always have to be counter-productive.

7. Someone has a LOT of free time.

8. "What my sister does when she's bored at work."

9. How to tell if you're bored at work.

10. "Mechanic at work got bored, so welded this in his spare time."

11. "The only thing cigarettes are good for."

12. Bored at work, so made Bob Marley.

13. The guys at the dump got a little bored.

14. "A project manager from our office is getting married, so we decorated her hat for her."

15. "She works at a high-end hair salon and sends me photos like this when she's bored."

16. "My friend has way too much time on his hands."

17. Someone at work got bored and turned this pencil into a work of art.

18. "Bored at work, so made a Bowser with post-it notes."

19. Spotted in the office.

20. Office Safari is a thing now. Apparently.

21. A box of Pringles and one incredibly bored engineer.

22. When librarians get bored.