20 Times Students Vandalised Textbooks in the Funniest Way

When you were sat at a desk listening to the teacher talk about math, science or any subject for that matter – sometimes lessons could drag on. Nowadays you probably feel the same, only that this time you miss school at hate how work drags on instead.

One way of combating such boredom is through doodling and as these students prove, boredom makes them even more creative – and where better to doodle than on a textbook. Here are 20 textbooks that have been vandalised in the funniest way.

1. Selfie time!

2. Baseball is a sport that goes way back.

3. A true work of art.

4. Making a textbook way better.


5. “My sister got bored while reading her textbook.”


6. Smile for the selfie!


7. Found in a math book.

8. This explains everything.

9. Neandertallica!


10. Who came first?

11. The cow is in shock.

12. Strike a pose!

13. Found in an old English textbook.


14. Terrifying resuscitation.

15. Doraemon’s Nobita!


16. Leaving a gem inside a math textbook.


17. The expressions on the face make this.


18. Textbook vandalism at its finest.

19. The element of surprise, added to a chemistry textbook.


20. Found in the physical education textbook.


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