This Guy Used a McDonald's Box as a Soft Light for His iPhone Portraits and the Result Is Amazing

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Famous French celebrity photographer Philippe Echaroux already knows a thing or two about taking an amazing photo, but to demonstrate how you don't always need expensive camera gear to take a great photograph he recently took on a rather bizarre challenge; the Big Mac Portrait Challenge.

Pushing himself out of his comfort zone and the equipment he's familiar with using Philippe set about taking some portrait photos whilst armed with a torch, an iPhone and a Big Mac box. After a little DIY he turned the Big Mac box into a soft-light to illuminate his portrait photos and the result is actually pretty amazing.

Using a flashlight, a drinking straw and a Big Mac box French photographer Philippe Echaroux created his own portrait photo setup

This is how it looked once it was all assembled

He then started photographing people with his new setup...

And these are the results... amazing!

Below you can watch the making of the "Big Mac Portrait Challenge"