Designer Makes DIY Camera That Prints Polaroid-Style GIFs Instead of Photos

The Polaroid OneStep was first debuted back in 1948, a year after unveiling instant film. Yet despite the very first model nearing the age of 60-years-old polaroid cameras still remain a fun way to capture photos, especially when at parties or events. Even so, that didn’t stop designer and coder Abhishek Singh from building his very of DIY polaroid camera with a difference – instead of printing out still mages Singh’s camera will eject an animated GIF for you to treasure forever!

Singh calls this camera the Instagif NextStep and to create it was no small feat as he dealt with every stage of its build, from initial concept to a fully working prototype, designing the product, its circuits and software along the way. 

Powered by a Raspberry Pi computer the camera functions just like any other polaroid camera would. Press the red button and it’ll capture three seconds of whatever it’s recording before ejecting a GIF cartridge that displays those three seconds on a continuous loop. If you’re as fascinated as we are on how Singh went about creating the NextStep over on Imgur.

Designer and coder Abhishek Singh has made his very own DIY camera that takes the idea of polaroid stills and brings them to life…

The camera records for three seconds…

…and then ejects a cartridge so you can watch the moment back.

Singh’s building process for the camera is impressive to say the least. He did all the designing and coding himself.

He even made a detailed step-by-step guide over on Imgur on how he created the polaroid GIF camera…

So, if you’re up for a challenge, you could possibly make your own.

Watch it in action here:

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