Supermarket Removes All Foreign Food from Its Shelves to Send Powerful Message About Racism

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Customers who walked into the Edeka supermarket in Hamburg recently were left surprised when they were greeted by a store that was almost empty, but the small number of products still on display weren't left there by chance, they were in-fact all made in Germany. It may have looked like the supermarket had run out of items to sell, but what was really going on was a powerful statement against racism.

Other than the few products left on the shelves there were also a few signs placed around the store. One of them read “So empty is a shelf without foreigners,” whilst another read “This shelf is quite boring without variety.”

Edeka's controversial decision to only display German made food was taken in order to send a powerful message about racism and ethnic diversity and quite clearly it works. After all, a world without some of your favourite foods would suck. What do you think of their stunt? does it make a good point or did it completely miss it?