New IKEA App Uses Augmented Reality to Put Furniture in Your Home Before Even Buying It

Augmented reality is often hailed as the future with its real-world applications. Whether it’s advertising, heads-up navigation, on its potential to instruct people on how to perform complicated tasks it’s certainly going to become more popular in the future, particularly when wearable technology takes a hold.

For now though it’s our smartphones that will likely lead the way as big names such as IKEA invest in augmented reality app’s, their latest one called IKEA Place being a prime example of just that.

The app aims to change the way you shop, allowing you to ‘preview’ what their furniture will look like in your own home simply by selecting the piece of furniture you want and pointing your camera in the space you want it to fill. The app then superimposes the item to scale allowing you to clearly visualise how it will look and just how much room it will take up.

Apple will be releasing their iOS 11 update in October at which point the Apple ARKit will be released and so will a whole host of augmented apps. For more info checkout Apple ARKit.

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