This Towering Sand Sculpture Just Broke the World Record for the Tallest Ever Sandcastle

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Quite literally taking the art of sandcastle building to another level a team of sculptures in Duisburg have just complete what's officially the tallest sandcastle ever built, standing at an impressive 55 feet (16.68 meters). The monumental sculpture is a mix and match of impressive landmarks from all over the world, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to the Acropolis and will be on display throughout September.

Fitting to the fact that the sculpture pays tribute to impressive works of architecture from around the globe it was created by a team of artists from all over the world and took around three weeks to complete.

On September 1st a jury from the Guinness World Records confirmed that the castle was indeed the tallest ever build, surpassing a 48-foot high sculpture built in India earlier this year. The sculpture will be on display until the 29th of September at Duisburg's Landscape Park.

A team of artist's in Duisburg, Germany, have just broken the world record for the world's tallest sand sculpture with this amazing 55-foot-tall sculpture!