UPS Drivers Have a Facebook Page Dedicated to the Dogs They Meet on Their Routes

For many postal workers the best part of the day isn’t making that final delivery, it’s meeting all the happy four-pawed customers along the way. Welcoming the delivery man with a wagging tale and a bark or two is all in a days work for most dogs and you can guarantee the moment the delivery man shows up they’ve got his full attention.

With this in mind UPS driver Sean McCarren decided to start a Facebook group dedicated to sharing photos and stories of all the doggy encounters he has on his route. Little did he know it would go on to be what might just be the best Facebook group ever.

Since then the Facebook group UPS Dogs has grown to become a nation-wide network on which UPS workers up and down the country share their canine encounters. Much to amusement of its 350k and growing fanbase. The group has been going for five years now and we hope it continues on for much longer. You can find out more over on Facebook.

This is Sean McCaren, a UPS driver who started a Facebook page to share all photos and stories of all the dogs he meets on his rounds

Since then the page has grown into a network of UPS drivers who all share photos of their canine encounters

Some of their doggy customers are have been taking delivery of parcels for years…

And it’s probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day. You can find out more over on Facebook.

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