27 Most Dangerous Bugs In The World

There are literally millions of different insects and bugs in the world, and while most are not rally that dangerous to us, some can kill you. The list below of 27 most dangerous bugs in the world will try to show you which bugs you want to avoid at all cost. 

1. Termites

While termites are not really dangerous to humans in a basic way, the damage they cause is huge, either to buildings and homes or crops. So they made the list. 

2. Deer Tick

The deer tick is the major reason for infecting people with lyme disease, we’re talking about thousands of people every year. Lyme disease starts with a small rash around the tick bite and developed into headaches and heart problems. Later on the infected body will have stiff joints and a lot of pain, however few people have died from this disease but the pain and suffering it cause is extreme, no wonder it made this list of most dangerous bugs. 

3. Black Widow

Everyone knows the Black Widow spider and how dangerous it is. When the spider bites you need to get medical attention ASAP or you could actually die from the venom. However, if you receive a toxin as soon as possible, the bite will end with nothing more than mediocre pain. 

4. Cockroaches 

These creepy little guys that are known to be able to live through a nuclear attack ( no kidding, they can survive for months without food or water ). They can carry many harmful diseases for humans and you should be carful not to touch or let it crawl on you. 

5. Army Ants

Now we’re getting serious, before you laugh at us, know that army ants are really dangerous bugs. Unlike other ant types, these are predators that actively seek prey and food, they build small colonies everywhere they go and prey on insects and other small species. Fun fact – The army ants can actually consume half a million animals each day if the entire colony goes on the hunt. Talk about a dangerous bug right?

6. Yellow Jackets 

You do not want to piss off this bug. While you might think it’s just a little bee, know that the German Yellow Jacket found in North America is an aggressive bug that can sting you multiple times and cause a lot of pain. They will even go to mark their provokers and pursue them to attack. Watch out from this one. 

7. Lice

Lice are not the most dangerous bugs in the world, but they can definitely transfer diseases if they are found on your body or head. Lice feed on the skin of your body and if you’re infected you will probably have around 15 different species of lice on your head. Think about that.

8. Parasitic Worms

These little worms can cause a lot of pain. The worms are known to be part of a eukaryotic parasite that feeds on the blood of its host. Most of the time they will sit inside your stomach and cause you vomiting, nausea and other unpleasant issues. 

9. The Black Spitting Thick Tail Scorpion 

Just by its name you already know not to mess with it right? Not typically a bug, but most dangerous for sure. One of the most dangerous types of scorpions, usually found in South Africa in desserts and best recognise because of their thick tails that can spit venom. If you are hit with hit, it will cause extreme pain, paralysis and even death, so beware of this bug at all cost. 

10. Puss Caterpillars

Don’t be fooled by the lovable appearance of this bug, it may look like a cuddle kitten you want to pet so bad, but if your skin touches the spikes of  the fur, a powerful venom will be released that will cause you pain, numbness and even chest pain and difficulty breathing. So watch out.

11. Human Bot Flies 

These human bot flies are usually transmitted via mosquitos or ticks. When a mosquito carrying the larvae of the human bot flies with it and lands on a human skin, it will just leave it there before flying away, after a few days the larvae will grow into an infection under your skin if not treated immediately. The human bot flies usually carry with them life threatening parasites with their larvae, don’t let them on you. 

12. Bed bugs – The worst bugs in the world

What hasn’t been said about these bugs already? Everyone knows them, and hate them. While the bites of the bed bugs won’t cause any serious injury or be life threatening, they usually cause a psychological damage and are just so irritating. 

13. House centipedes 

House Centipedes can be found in almost every house. You’ve seen one right? Their venom claws are a killer and when they bite you, it will hurt really bad causing the area to swell drastically that will last for days. 

14. Assassin bugs 

Usually found in the poor areas of the Americas, these parasites can infect humans with Chagas disease among others and is recommended to stay away from it as possible

15. Bullet Ants

These ants got their name for a reason. It has been said that when a bullet ant bites you, it feels like you have been shot by a gun – Yes, that painful, and it can last for up to a full day after, so you better watch out from this dangerous bug like you would from a loaded gun.

16. Dorylus Ants

Similar to the army ants we mentioned before, these bugs move in colonies and can easily take down a small animals when they attack it together. Not so dangerous to human though, but their bite is pretty painful.

17. The Brazilian Wandering Spider

In 2010 this spider was considered the most venomous spider in the world  and had the strongest toxin. Can be found in tropical areas around South and Central America. The spider is defensive so it won’t attack out of the blue unless feeling threatened.

18. Africanized Honey bee

You might known them as killer bees, and their name lives up to the hype. They will invade other types of bee hives and kill their queen only to set up shop inside with their own queen. They can kill humans if they attack one with large numbers as their toxin is strong. Never mess with an angry bee

19. Rat Fleas 

As the name implies, the rat fleas can usually be found on rodents and can transfer life threatening diseases to humans. They can host tapeworms and transmit dangerous diseases with their eggs.

20. Fire Ants

It’s easy to spot a fire ant because of its red brownish color. When they bite it will hurt, they release formed acid on the host that could cause pain and in severe cases even death. 

21. Anopheles Mosquito 

This little bug is responsible for so many deaths by transmitting the malaria disease. Epidemics and these mosquitos go hand in hand, watch out from this one.

22. Tsetse fly

Have you heard of sleeping sickness? Well, this fly causes it. Sometimes referred to as tiktik flies, these bugs can feed on the blood of animals and the chemical they carry called trypanosome is dangerous to humans as well.

23. Brown Recluse 

This is the second spider that made our list of the most dangerous bugs in the world, unlike the black widow, this spider doesn’t release toxins but its bite can destroy tissues which will take months to heal. And oh yeah, it’s painful AF.

24. The asian hornet ( Giant Japanese )

Could be the deadliest of all the bugs on this list, the Asian hornet is not an aggressive bee, but if provoked it will attack and its venom will attack your nervous system and can kill you with just one sting. If you’re in the Japan area, look out from bees.

25. Fleas

Although not really a dangerous bug on its own, but fleas are known to transmit many diseases from one animal to another and to humans as well. So it can be dangerous as a side effect.

26. Tarantula spider

Another spider to make the list, while its venom is not really deadly, a tarantula bite will hurt like hell. Tarantulas can live to be 30 years old and reach a size of a pizza slice. Which is big enough to scare us.

27. Arizona Bark Scorpions

The Arizona Bark Scorpion is the most deadliest scorpion in North America. You can find this fellow in Southwest America and Southern Utah. If you get bitten by this scorpion you will vomit, experience extreme pain and numbness. Although dying from its bite is unlikely, elderly and young children are more at risk. 

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