10 colorful jolly illustrations which teach you that happiness is simple

These 10 colorful jolly illustrations will make your day better and remind you that all it takes to be happy is perspective, and that we all deserve to be happy, no matter our religion, race or beliefs. Usually, we go through our lives looking down at our feet and always wondering about the next day and the next task and the next problem. We live in the future, always waiting on vacation, looking forward to the weekend, to 6 pm when we can leave the office and go home and so on and so forth. Life might pass us by. How about you bring some color to your days and start looking at things from a different perspective, a cheerful and more positive one?

This is what Ari Puguh is doing and trying to transmit through her jolly illustrations. “My work speaks of cheerfulness, positivity and naivety”, says the Indonesian illustrator currently living and working in Abu Dhabi. Education and self-education is actually the key to a more happy life. Ari knows this, as he is a full-time illustrator working with an educational company in the United Arab States and honing his visual artist skills in his spare time. With a degree in arts at the Institute of Indonesia and a lot of projects with the MTV, children books and games, Ari’s skills speak for themselves.

“Looking at my own childhood, I feel the need to give back and contribute something that was perhaps missing from my past, giving hope and inspiration to children, despite their circumstances and background”, says Ari of his mission and life’s work. His latest book is titled “Different but the Same” and also deals with loving ourselves and the others around us, even though they might seem different at a first glance. It is all a matter of perspective in the end, like happiness itself. 

At the moment, Ari Puguh is experiencing with a new drawing method which implies following a line around and trying to create something, also messing with the white spaces in between. Add a fresh color palette and a lot of imagination and good will and you’ll get colorful and jolly illustrations to teach you what happiness really is. It’s simple. And living together also.











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