He asked 16 artists to draw his portrait photos in their own style. The result is fabulous!

Mathieu Sten is an experimental portrait photographer who asked 16 artists to draw his portrait photos in their style. The results are fabulous. It never ceases to amaze me how artists nowadays always strive to find different and unique ways of expressing their art. Some of these portraits are super realistic, some are cartoon-ish, some look like out of a Korean comics series. a fantasy series or super-digitalized movie animation, while others are digitally painted or completely illustrated from scratch. You should take a look below, but first, let’s share some information about the initiator of this artistic collaboration.

Mathieu Stern is himself an artist who uses vintage lenses, DIY lenses and other techniques which might seem a little strange, to create images that help you look at the world in new and extraordinary ways. Mathieu also likes to go on YouTube and explain his artistic experiments and discoveries. You can look him up on YouTube if you want to find out more. So far, we’ll concentrate on his collaboration with 16 artists who redid his portrait photos in their way.

Mathieu got this collaboration going by contacting a few illustrators asking if they’d illustrate some of his portrait photos in their style. He ended up contacting 16 illustrators whom he had previously checked out on Instagram and received 16 amazing renderings of his portrait photos.

Curious what happened? Let’s see some of the #DrawThisInYourStyle challenge pictures!

1. Probably the most realistic digital portrait by Halil Șimșek of Turkey

2. Artsy illustration by Meybis Ruiz Cruz

3. A fantasy-inspired portrait from Minipraw Art, from Thailand

4. Cartoon-like illustration by Sophal R. Lay. I love the hair!

5. Lore is the self-taught artist who illustrated this lovely portrait illustration

6.Disney villain style! You’ve got to love this!

7. The eyes, they eyes tell the story!

8. The idea initial idea is brilliant and the illustration as well

9. Is this another version of Elsa? Anyways, GG Aly Tain!

10. Marta Garcia Navarro, the freelance illustrator who did this piece has a great sense of cuteness and style, you can say that

11. Stylish, chic, posh, dashing, sleek, glamorous; I need more words here!

12.Incredible what this digital designer has done here. Still, you’ve got to admire the original Photoshop as well!

13. How great is this!

14. This Game Artist and Illustrator created something good, but a little creepy for my taste, I’d say

15. Superb!

16. Geez! There’s something strange about this, but I like it!

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