People who love to sit cross-legged now have a “Soul Seat”

If you are at the office while reading this, then there are 70% chances you’re sitting cross-legged on your office chair. Chances are your left foot is folded underneath you and you’ll want to change it with your right foot so that you don’t stay in the same position for long. Then maybe fold both your legs underneath you and so on. A lot of people do this because they get bored and kinda’ stiff because of hours and hours of sitting on a chair, at a desk. So allowing yourself to sit cross-legged in an office environment would give you a kind of freedom sense in the way that you’re breaking the rules of office formality and would also make you feel more comfortable.

The only downside is that on a normal chair it would be quite difficult to sit like that, especially if you are a kinda’ tall person. Moreover, sitting cross-legged on a normal chair might give you cramps, your knees and calves would “protest” against the restricted blood flow. But no more of that! Apparently, someone made a special chair for people who love to sit cross-legged at the desk and I’m sorry I’ve found out about this late.

The American company Health by Design began selling this wonderful “Soul Seat” in December, last year. It is specifically created to make sitting cross-legged much easier and relaxing. How can it do that? As you are about to see in the pictures below, it comes with a top little chair which can be adjusted on your desired height and a lower platform which supports your folded legs while also maintaining optimum blood flow. The chair is also provided with detachable legs for placing it on different surfaces.

According to the Health by Design company producing it, this chair “tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips, and lets the spine align to a comfortable, neutral position”. So, overall, it helps you keep the correct posture all the time. The product is the result of a fruitful collaboration of “friends, a physical therapist, yoga instructors, fine woodworkers, and industrial engineers”, as it is stated on the company’s website

Pack Matthews, the founder of Health by Design and a designer himself “has always been frustrated with how conventional ergonomic chairs left him in pain and offered no options for changing position while working at the computer”, is stated on their website. Well, that makes at least two of us, Pack Matthews! The design and final product turned out to be so good, that they’ve filed for an official US pattern for it.

Trying Yoga at the office?

The position this chair compels you to adopt is much like a yoga position. It will help you get more comfortable sitting on the floor and doing some yoga poses you’ve never dreamed of before. Actually, according to the company’s founder, this special seat is addressed mostly to yoga enthusiasts and yogis who like to spend their day in a continuous Yoga stand.

Usually, Asian people are born and raised to stand crossed-legged all the time and this product attracted thousand of Asian natives when it was launched in late December, last year. The seat is not a cheap bargain, though. Prices start from $500 and can go as high as $1,200. There are several models to choose from and two types of materials: Primera and Pendleton wool. As for colours, you can buy it in black, chalk, merlot, blueprint, grey, marine or doe colours.

What do you think? Will this chair help you do better at work and focus for longer periods of time? The chair is designed in such a manner that it can be used in many different positions, orientations, and locations and as a person who struggles to sit cross-legged on any chair, this looks like heaven.

Imagine working like this!

They come in different colours and made from different materials. These made from Pendleton Wool. Marine, Grey or Doe?

You can also go for ultra fabrics in blueprint, merlot or chalk colours

This one is for all the hard-working fans of cross-legged sitting out there, in all the offices of the world!

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