13 Cats cosplaying as food that are plain adorable and sweet

Cats are sleeping most of the day. They actually need more sleep than we humans do. Their cuteness overload is probably the reason they waste so much energy and need recharging constantly. But how about cats cosplaying as food while sleeping? Any encounters with that?

If they feel very comfy around the house, they would sleep in any position. And by any position, I mean ANY position imaginable and unimaginable. They have a way of twisting and turning, curling and turning and then end up in a funny posture. Sometimes I wonder if they know how cute they are. Sometimes they wake up, open their eyes and give you that innocent look like: “What? I sit the way I want”. And that’s when you’re melting. Cat owners will surely understand.

Anyways, imagine you’d have to sleep that much during the day. You’d run out of sleeping positions, right? You’d need to improvise and that’s exactly what these cats are doing. They are actually really creative, they are cosplaying and you had no idea until now.

Leaving jokes aside, these cats look like actual types of food, a kiwi, a rotisserie chicken, an egg and so many others. You might even say that these are cats cosplaying as food. Ready?

1. Look at this cute rotisserie chicken!

“What’s you doin’ there, chicken?”

2. Add half an orange and VOILA!

“You sleep there, little muffintop”

3. Homemade cinnamon buns or a fatty cute cat

“Sleeping well, baby?”

4. The Kiwi in the middle is a little bit puffier than usual

“What’s you doin’ there, cutie?”

5. Cute croissant baby

“So cute, it’s delicious”

6. How about this melted mozzarella?

“And I’m melting with cuteness”

7. Look, a burrito!

“How about a double portion of cuteness overload?”

8. The cutest Oreo donut in the world

“Someone tell this cutie she’s too much cuteness for a single person to handle”

9. Look at that waffle butt!

“Someone just got a new waffle maker? Or are you a natural, baby?”

10. Isn’t she a cute marshmallow

“This little cutie has discovered the perfect marshmallow recipe ever”

11. How about a loaf of bread to go with your diet?

“Hey, baby, are you a loaf of bread, because you’re so hot!”

12. Unfortunately, she looks like a cute head on a platter, don’t you think so?

“Hey, sweetie? Are you a cake? Cause you’re the most delicious feline I’ve ever seen!” – not my best line, I agree

13. A potato in his natural environment

“Cute potatoes are my favourite, always”

So, aren’t these cute cats cosplaying as food the most adorable thing you’ve seen today?

Via Cats on Catnip

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