“Places I’d Love to Live in” by artist Darya Shnykina

How do you escape to your favourite place that you’ve been imagining and building in your mind? If you’re an artist, you take your tools and create it on paper, or digitally, or you sculpture it, or you invent new ways of expressing it. Sky should be the limit.

For Russian artist Darya Shnykina, illustration is the answer. She’s debuted a series called: “Place I’d Love to Live in” and shared it with the world on her Instagram and website.

How about a little wooden house in the middle of the white wilderness, with little mountains in the background, but with a utility pole nearby to give the idea of comfort in harsh weather? You can almost breathe the clear air, feel the solitude and the freedom of it all?

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

Isn’t this a dream? To enjoy a few days in a cosy little nest on a mountainside, without sacrificing any of the modern amenities? And there’s more from Darya.

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

There’s poetry here. And peace and solitude and enough space to evade and breathe the clean air.

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

This is where you can heal your fear of darkness and battle any demon that’s holding you back in your life.

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

Don’t you miss splashing in mud puddles without a care in the world? Don’t you miss not being concerned about how dirty your clothes get, but only about how good you feel? How about spending a few days in a little muddy wilderness, resting in a romantic, warm nest by the mountainside by night and jumping into muddy puddles by day? Just a thought, that’s all. You can imagine the rest of the experience.

About the artist: Darya Shnykina

Born in 1997,  Darya Shnykina is a young illustrator from Moscow, Russia. She studied Graphics and Book Illustration Art at the Moscow State University of Printing Art and won various Book Illustration competitions. She’s got works exhibited in various books and galleries and also conducted illustration courses for young students.

She likes to paint calm, introspective moments full of emotions without sacrificing too much of the traditional material and textures to the digital techniques.

I think her works breathe well and create an atmosphere you can touch with your fingertips. Let’s continue with some more examples of her latest series “Places I’d Love to Live in”. 

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

Imagine climbing those hills and taking in the beauty of the whole picture.

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

This is just like a little countryside memory of childhood, when everything was much simpler and the days were filled with a lot of exploration adventures. Am I the only one missing those days?

“Places I’d Love to Live in” by Darya Shnykina

This is for when you want to get lost in the beauty of the landscape and enjoy the beauty of life without anyone telling you what you can and cannot do. Do you feel it?

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