There are some really weird things sold on Facebook Marketplace right now

The Internet is a funny place, always has been. We could say that the Internet is the first “theatre of the weird” on this planet. It was as if every bizarre play, peculiar antics, crazy idea, the odd invention had suddenly moved on the Internet, making it a big stage of the weird things. And for some years we’ve had the Facebook Marketplace, another outlandish, offbeat place where people are buying and selling about anything, and by anything, I mean ANYTHING.

For those of you a little bit late to the party, Facebook Marketplace has first been launched in 2007, but no one really cared about it. In 2014 they shut down this feature and relaunched it in October 2016, with a higher prominence in the main Facebook app. This time it worked, and people deemed it as a useful enough way of making money or buying practical stuff from other people.

The Facebook Marketplace works quite well, as you can price your items accordingly or easily discover certain items for sale in a certain area. Selling and buying on Facebook Marketplace is rather easy and convenient and if you’re there just looking for a specific item like a smartphone or TV, you probably have missed its peculiarities. And that’s a shame because you’ve missed a good laugh. But we’re going to fix that!

Dive into the depths of the weird: Facebook Marketplace!

Or welcome to the dark side of the Facebook Marketplace! Here you will find some really weird things that are sold in the depths of Facebook. Ready?

1. The perfect gift for that “creepy special someone in your life”

A handmade speciality from the Facebook Marketplace

2. Haunted mystery mirror

So, this is a vintage mirror from the 1950s. It presumably shows a delayed reflection and sometimes someone seems to stare at you from the mirror, and that person is not you.

No returns!

3. Ball and chain from the 1800s

You’re just having a nice Friday afternoon and thinking about acquiring an original ball and chain from the 1800s just in case it might come in handy one day? Here it is!

Listed in Marlborough, Massachusetts

4. Weird doll art

Well, this lady here is as wonderful as full of wonders as our dear planet. Would you like to stare at her bare beauty al day long?

Buy it from Marlborough Facebook Marketplace

5. Slightly used coffin- a bargain

This is too funny to be real, right? Yes, the man who posted it admitted it was meant as a joke to make people laugh a little bit and make their days better. And it seems it worked, didn’t it?

Thank you, Haylee Humphrey from New Mexico, for this absolute bargain!

6. Unusual houseplant planter with jade and spider plant

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing this doll head flower pot in the light of the moon. Would you feel thrilled?

Poor doll!

7. Homemade Ouija board

It looks like a piece of paper on which he has drawn some letter, right? But this user from Albuquerque says this homemade Ouija board is the real deal and that you will hear screamings in your head and ears when you sleep. Well, want to try? It’s just $1.

Spooky Facebook Marketplace

8. Do you want to be the Devil?

This man is selling his soul on Facebook Marketplace and you can buy it for only $1. What would you do with this man’s soul?

Alright, this has already gotten too creepy. Let’s bright things a bit!

9. How about a slice of pizza with only one bite already taken out of it?

Who can say “no” to pizza, even if it is a second-hand pizza?

10. How about a left hand? It might come in handy

Ok, I’m not gonna make that joke that’s on your lips. You already thought about it, right? Well, have fun!

This man has really got a good sense of humour and we should appreciate that

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