24 Car Hacks That Will Make You Look at Your Car Differently From Now On

These car hacks will help you get the most out of your car experience. If you tend to take long drives, especially with your kids, these will help you stay sane, and in most cases help your kids to pass the time in a fun way too.

Most people spend more than 90 minutes every day in their car, so it makes sense to keep it clean, and try and make it your second, mobile home. Use these cool car hacks to get the most our of your car.

1. First of the car hacks and you’re already blown away!

Diy air freshener, the way I like it.

2. Take a penny and insert it through the cracks of your tiers to see if you need new ones or not

car hacks

I saw my mechanic do it, been doing it ever since for years.

3. Want a cool colorful dashboard? Do this easily!

Turn your car dashboard into a racer! So cool!

4. Never lose coins or small objects again with this simple car hack

car hacks

This is a known car trick. Keep it clean you hear

5. One of the easiest diy car hacks on this list. Simply hook a grocery bag to the head of the seat, BAM! instant order for the kids

car hacks

Again, so easy I can’t belive I didn’t think about it myself

6. For when your kids are bored, this cool road trip scavenger hunt will keep them busy for hours.

I am printing this and doing this for my next trip or vacation with the fam

7. Awesome timeline of the trip to take off at every stop. This will answer your kid’s annoying question ” Are we there yet?! “

car hacks

Let your kids know where you are in a fun interactive way

8. Simple, but very effective food travel kit for kids. Healthy, and also yummy

This is perfect for when you have long drives and you need a snack

9. Make your own trash can for the car, easy to clean, no bad smell – Perfect

car hacks

This is a life saver. I did this with my car, and it’s a world of difference.

10. I think this is the most known car interior hack, a magnetic phone holder

Everyone should have this gadget.

11. No more mess in the garage, just stick two huge baskets in there, and everything literaly falls into place.

car hacks

It’s a nice hack, but I didn’t try it

12. Seat organizer to put all your kid’s stuff in one place

When your kids are a little bit older, they can take out the stuff themselves and entertain them throughout the ride

13. Clean your hazy head lights with toothpaste

car hacks

This is an oldie, but a goodie. Works like a charm.

14. Add keys to your key holder easy with a pin remover

Easy, works.

15. Diy car mat from an old carpet. Genius car hack

car hacks

Everyone has an old carpet in the house that they want to throw away but it’s too heavy. Now you can do something about it.

16. This little gadget is called a car swivel tray

How come I never knew about this before, and I wonder if it really works, or the slightest bump on the road and all the food goes away.

17. Your kids will thank you. Keep them busy for hours

car hacks

My kids loved this! Smooth driving once I got this done.

18. Use nail polish to hide small scratches

If you do it right, it can look just like new.

19. Use a glass cleaner to extend the life of your windshield.

I hate it when I need to change the windshield. This makes it last so much longer

20. Need extra storage place? This simple car hack will do the trick

car hacks

Never thought about using the inside part of the roof for extra storage, nice car hack

21. Never lose a penny again. Put your change inside an empty m&m

car hacks

You can actually save money this way as everyone lose coins in their car over the years.

22. Use your seat warmer to keep take away food warm until you get home

This hack is so good, I started using it right away after reading this article

23. Extend the range of your car key by holding it against your chin

Your head can act as a small antenna, increasing the range of the key

24. To get fresh air in the car, switch the button to this icon

car hacks

Don’t breath the same air, get fresh air in the car

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