Discover a Hidden World with UK-based Photographer Matt Bennett

Award-winning photographer Matthew Benett takes us to hidden wonders that have long been forgotten.

Source: designboom

Source: designboom

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Matt Bennett’s passion for abandoned spaces started as an accident. He had just gotten into photography when a friend took him to an ex-jet testing establishment to teach him how to use his camera. From then on, he has been traveling around Europe visiting forgotten sites.

His work has won him different awards throughout his career. It has also been shown in exhibits and has had features in notable publications like Architectural Digest. He primarily shares his photographs online on Facebook and Instagram and his website entitled “Forgotten Heritage.” In 2016, he later went on to publish a book compiling his favorite works under the same name.

Abandoned Power PlantSource: mymodernmet 

Careful research and an urban explorer’s spirit bring Bennett to a multitude of modern-day ruins. From old chapels and schools to forgotten military bases and factories, his photography gives them a new life and viewers a different perspective. Through his photography, Bennett hopes that he captures the character and history of these places so its memory could live on. 

The COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t stop Bennett from sharing his passion for discovery. In an interview, he says that he has been exploring more of his home, the United Kingdom, and working with local heritage groups on different projects. He hopes that his work will continue to provide service and remind his audience of their roots. 

inside of a old buildingSource: Architectural Digest

Fishing Shack RuinsSource: My Modern Met

Interior of an Abandoned Chapel in DecaySource: My Modern Met

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Source: mymemory

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