Couple Built a Swirl Bookshelf of Your Dreams in 16 Hours

Any bibliophile understands the importance of a good bookshelf. But who says it can’t be beautiful? Just look at this swirl bookshelf and tell us you don’t want something like this in your house.

Anything can happen as long as you have a can-do spirit, a little bit of money, as well as time and effort. Jess and Sinclair Breen are evidence of that. The couple made this intricate spiral bookshelf in the comfort of their own home. 

It all started when Jess showed her husband a photo of a bookshelf she found online. In an interview with the Daily Mail, she says that her husband “almost had a heart attack.” But they both knew that it was worth the shot. 

So, here’s how they did it. After consulting a friend about measurements, they ordered pre-drilled wooden boards from a local cabinet maker. The custom cutouts cost them AUD 900. Then, Sinclair, a builder, assembled a total of 36 boxes by screwing them together.

The swirl bookshelf as it was finished, on the wall – beautiful

swirl bookshelf Source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

swirl bookshelf Source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

Source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

Any DIY project comes with its own set of challenges. The couple’s wall at home is unable to support the bookshelf.

To remedy this, they made use of an MDF – medium density fiberboard. Before mounting the board onto the wall, Jess laid out all the boxes and traced each one for a guide. Then, they attached each box to the installed wall. Voila, they were done!

swirl bookshelf Source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair 

Source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

swirl bookshelf Source: Facebook/Jess & Sinclair

The entire project took the couple 16 hours from start to finish. Anyone can see that this stunning bookshelf was well worth it! For more of this crafty couple, check out Jess and Sinclair’s Facebook page. 

Do you have a unique bookshelf at home? Want to share it with us and maybe get published? Send us a note and we will gladly take a look.

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