15 Powerful Portraits That Will Change The Way You Think About The Blind

Spanish photographer Rubén Plasencia Canino spent two months capturing these intimate portraits of numerous blind people, it allowed him to explore their vulnerabilities from an insightful and considerate perspective.

The project is titled “Obscure” and focuses on a small community of blind people. The photos are taken on a black backdrop, making the focus purely on the subject.

Our attention is directed naturally to the subjects face, in particular their eyes.

The portraits offer a look at the blind and address important issues such as visual prejudices.

Plasencia reminds us that those with sight are quick to judge another on how they look, however those without sight cannot.

These photographs capture the “incessant prejudices and stereotypes” that the blind are subject to, however they unable to the same to others.

Ultimately these pictures aim to show an appreciation for the struggle that these people, and the 39 million other blind people around the world go through.

You can view more of his work here

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