22 Terrible Estate Agent Pictures

When selling houses its always a good idea to take some nice photographs to draw potential buyers in, but apparently no one told these 22 estate agents that. These pictures do the complete opposite in-fact, and will leave you running in the other direction. Especially those who have a severe phobia of horses. Here is whats undoubtably the most terrible estate agent pictures ever.

1. Hiding bodies in the attic is fine, just don’t leave them lying around when the estate agent turns up.

2. The aftermath of a truly horrific Smurf explosion.

3. The “you will die” really adds that personal touch and warmth buyers look for in a house.

4. If you’re the kind of person that enjoys a dump in the kitchen, a giant window right next to you is probably ok also.

5. It’s probably best not to ask questions about what happens in this room.

6. The property will be gone very soon. There has already been a lot of interest. Mainly from horses.

7. Not really sure what goes on in here. Interesting tiling though.

8. When taking pictures at least let the owners get dressed first.

9. It takes a truly talented estate agent to find a selling point here. “Well… It’s secure….”

10. The architect must have really disliked the owner of this property when it was built.

11. The estate agent managed to capture the rare sight of two mattresses drinking at the pool side.

12. Its best if you don’t turn up to work and take pictures drunk.

13. Door to door salesmen get younger every year.

14. This giant stuffed fox that nightmares are made of can be included at the buyers request.

15. Forget taking pictures, why not just use some creepy camera footage thats worthy of being in paranormal activity.

16. A new game that estate agents like to play. Guess that body part.

17. After a couple of days you wont even notice the horse.

18. The space hopper had been waiting all week for this photobomb opportunity.

19. Having a room this pink certainly narrows the potential buyers.

20. This property is perfect for those who feel lonely whilst on the toilet.

21. Not quite sure what is going on here.

22. Its always the small details that really make a photograph. Like dragging the body outside before taking the picture.

source: terriblerealestateagentphotos.com

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