5 Of The Most Haunted Outdoor Places In The World

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Whether you believe in ghosts and spirits or not there's no doubt that it's easy to be spooked by places that are renowned as haunted no matter how scary they look to the eye.

If you're a fan of haunted places you need to try and make the effort to visit at least one of these places before you die, good luck getting someone to come with you though.

The Gettysburg Battlefield (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania)

The battlefield where over 46,000 men died while fighting in the American Civil War. Sounds of soldiers marching and cannonballs firing have been reported.


Suicide Forest (Aokigahara, Japan)

Located at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan, many hikers find themselves lost in the dense surroundings, only to stumble upon "Suicide Forest". It has become a popular place for those to end their own lives. Mysterious crying and moaning are said to be heard there.


Forest Clearing (Hoia-Baciu, Romania)

In Hoia-Baciu in Romania there's a strange circular clearing, no one knows why it's there but strange spirits and voices are rumored to be present.


Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery (Bremen Township, Illinois)

Bremen Township was once a family destination and a favourite among tourists, now its anything but. This cemetery is said to inhabit colored lights, phantom cars, and other spooky sights.


Doll Island (Xochimilco, Mexico)

Arguably the most known place on this list. When the landowner felt that his home was being haunted by a young girl who drowned there before he bought it, he decorated the island with dolls to try and settle her spirit.


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