The 16 Creepiest Things Ever Spotted on Google Street View


Since it's launch in 2007 Google Street View has been sending drivers up and down roads, paths and even off road in a quest to document every street in the world.

Being the diverse place that it is, it was only a matter of time before one of googles street view vehicle snapped something slightly disturbing. Here are the 16 creepiest things ever spotted on Google Street View.

1. This Alien


2. A Group of pigeon people in Japan

pigeon people

3. Creepy face

broken face

4. These people wearing creepy masks

creepy masks

5. People thought this was a body that have been dragged along this small jetty. Turns out it was a wet dog. Chill out people...

google maps murder

6. A man points a weapon at the google street view car.

guy with a gun

7. Invasion of the birds.

invasion of the birds

8. This poor injured cow.

sick cow

9. This scary looking doll that looks like a corpse. Google has since censored it, leading to many to speculate over what it really is.

tiki demon france

10. This car on fire.

van on fire

11. A violent looking arrest.

violent arrest

12. These abandoned creepy building.


13. These oddly placed mannequins.


14. The end. Better turn back...


15. Since when did the kids hate Gumby


16. Just waiting.