The 19 Best Office Desk Pranks You’ve Ever Seen

In any office there’s always the joker, in most cases this joker will take it too far now and then.

These 19 examples are proof of that. They are hilarious though – don’t get any ideas.

I wonder where they got the energy from to do this?

He doesn’t seem to be fazed.

Well… it’s different?

That’s got to be worth the effort.

Poor Sergey.

Plot twist: There’s a real rat in there somewhere.

They must be so pi**ed Hoff. Sorry.

I hope this is a prank.

Got to admire the effort.


That’s unique.

… and we have a winner.

At least it’s a time-saver.

Bravo Mr. Pranker.

If anyone wants to prank me with this, I welcome it.

Time well spent.

I wonder what it could be?!

Again… I welcome this prank.

This must’ve taken hours!

via ViralNova

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