The 10 Most Famous Cats on the Internet


It's a well known fact that cats pretty much rule the internet. It's even been suggested that there are more cat pictures on the internet than there are selfies. That being said, there are a few cats out there that set themselves apart from the rest.

They are famous for all kinds of reasons such as being grumpy, happy, ridiculously cute or having unusual markings. They are the cat elite. Here are the 10 most famous cats on the internet.

1. Grumpy Cat otherwise known as Tardar Sauce is so famous she even has her own movie.

grumpy cat 1

grumpy cat 2

2. Garfi, the Worlds Angriest Cat

garfi angry cat 1

garfi angry cat 2

garfi angry cat 3

3. Venus the Chimera Cat Who Has Two Faces

venus chimera cat two faces 1


venus chimera cat two faces 3

4. Shironeko, the Cutest and Happiest Bundle of Fur You Have Ever Seen

shironeko happiest cat ever 1

shironeko happiest cat ever 2

shironeko happiest cat ever 3

5. Banye Is the OMG Cat Thats Always in Shock

banye omg cat shocked 1

banye omg cat shocked 2

banye omg cat shocked 3

6. Snoopy, the Cutest Cat in Existence. Just Look at those Eyes

snoopy cutest cat ever 1

snoopy cutest cat ever 2

7. Zarathustra the Cat Is Placed into Works of Art Are Created by Russian Artist Svetlana Petrova

fat cat classic art 1

fat cat classic art 2

fat cat classic art 3

8. Monty the Cat Has the Most Unique Face You’ve Ever Seen

monty the cat 2

monty the cat 3

monty the cat

9. Maru the Cat is the Master of Boxes

maru cat box 2

maru cat box 3

maru cat box

10. Hamilton the Hipster Cat

hamilton hipster cat 1

hamilton hipster cat 2