A Stray Dog Kicked by a Driver Returns With Friends To Destroy His Car

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Not long after a man in Chongquing, China, literally kicked a stray dog out of his parking spot, the stray dog returned and this time he had backup from his friends. The dogs began to chew on the wipers and fenders of the car.

An alarmed neighbour decided to photograph the incident as the dogs set about delivering some serious karma. It seems crazy to think that dogs would seek out revenge like this.

This dog wasn't too happy about being kicked out of the parking spot.

dog destroys car 1

So he went and told his friends what happened. They decided that the best action to take was to destroy the mans car.

dog destroys car 2

They set about chewing the fenders and biting off the wipers. It was all captured by a startled neighbour.

dog destroys car 3

Who do you think was in the right here?


Source: dailymail.co.uk