27 Historical Works of Art That Are Now Unbelievably Funny

Cannot unsee.

They started of as innocent paintings, supposed to depict past and current events that are now a part of history. Now they've become hilarious memes that you'll never unsee. Thanks internet.

1. Intense.

2. This guy who has no chill.

3. The nosiest neighbour ever.

4. When Lucifer got your back.



5. The kind of morning wood that goes down in history.

6. Taking the ultimate selfie at all costs.

7. When someone hot passes you by.

8. Rupert is super thirsty.

9. Anyone that goes out drinking before their 18th birthday.

10. Let's just take a minute to appreciate this.

11. That feeling of thirst.

12. 18th century sass.

13. When you suck at makeup.

14. This baby totally gets me.

15. Napoleon the party animal.

16. This is what regret looks like.

17. So that's were the song came from.

18. Drinking during the week like...

19. This skeleton who loves being down.

20. How it feels when you're hungry.

21. The go-to song.

22. The butt that made history.

23. The baguette with a face.

24. The dangers of dancing in a dark club.

25. When you get into a deep argument.

26. People with selfie sticks.

27. God, the ultimate wingman.