The 27 Most Adorable Pictures of Pets Growing Up

When a pet is introduced into the family as a puppy or kitten it doesn’t take long for them to become another member of the family. As each day passes the bond shared between a pet and their owner only grows stronger, but because you see them everyday you don’t notice how quickly they grow up and change. Here are the 27 most adorable pictures of pets growing up.

1. Taken 14 years apart.

2. A lot can change in just 3 months.

3. 4 years on and they’ve perfected this pose!

4. 6 months apart and this kitty still loves sitting on his humans shoulders.

5. 5 months apart and he’s almost outgrown the bed!

6. 6 months apart and the cat still loves the sink.

7. 10 years have passed and now look at them!

8. 6 months apart.

9. Taken 3 years apart.

10. This kitty may have grown bigger than her toy, but she hasn’t outgrown playing with it.

11. 10 years apart.

12. 7 months apart. Those eyes are magical.

13. Somethings never change… then and now.

14. 17 years apart.

15. Taken 1 year apart. He still fits, sort of.

16. Taken 1 year apart and this cat still seems to think its a parrot.

17. Taken 3 months apart and he still thinks he can fit.

18. 17 years apart and they’re both all grown up!

19. 16 years apart.

20. Take over 5 months and they haven’t spent a moment apart.

21. 16 years apart and their bond has only grown stronger.

22. Taken 21 year apart.

23. One year apart and he still loves relaxing on the chair.

24. This adorable bundle of fur just became super sized.

25. From puppy to dog and still growing…

26. This kitty has certainly got a lot bigger!

27. Taken 4 year apart.


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