20 Cutest Pug GIF’s

Check out these 20 super cute Pug GIFs. How adorable are they?!

Justin Bieber Arrested. Accused Of Drag Racing & DUI

World famous Justin Bieber has been arrested after being accused of drag racing and driving under the influence. He is also accused of resisting arrest without violence and driving with…

Maldives Beach Glows Blue

The Maldives is known for its fantastic beaches, clean waters and huts on sticks which you can stay in if you ever go on holiday there. But at night sometimes…

Someone Went Around London Putting Up Fake Underground Signs

Well at least someone has a sense of humour! The London Underground is known for its dreariness, silence and robotic like function – people wanting to get somewhere with the…

16 Selfie photoshop fails

Arnold works at Gold’s gym

Funny video of the legend himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, working “undercover” at Gold’s gym. His best line “you have done 2 reps of water drinking, we do 10 reps of everything….

Stormtrooper’s twerking – in 4k

Check this epic video out of storm troopers twerking. This isn’t just any video, its also available in 4k. Perfect for viewing crystal clear twerking.

Weird & Disturbing Portrait GIFs

Romain Laurent is a photographer who lives in New York and for his day job he’s a conceptual photographer who has worked with some big names such as Xbox, Coca…

What will you leave behind?

Ever wondered how you will be looked upon when you die?. We now leave vast trail behind us, whether its photo’s on Instagram, to news feeds on Facebook. Here’s a…

Hilarious stoned teenager gives news interview

Kid trying to respond to the news reporters questions about a serious matter is clearly higher than the clouds.